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  • You’re a high achiever: most likely a CEO or Managing Director

  • You're the one people call when they need to feel motivated

  • You manage multiple projects across one or more businesses

  • You’re committed to continuous improvement, always studying or learning

  • You take great pride in your community involvement, always leading the way

  • You always take calls from people seeking the insights of a coach or mentor

  • You are the person always driving the team to be bigger, better, faster

  • You are the one others gravitate towards at events

  • And because of your ethics and behaviours, you have built amazing friendships 


But lately…


  • You’ve become a little less interested in the plight of others

  • You’re noticing unusually high levels of frustration

  • You’re feeling cynical about the world, and about your capacity to make a positive impact

  • You’re less disciplined

  • You’re waking up feeling tired

  • You’re laughing less

  • You’re socialising less

  • You’re noticing a decrease in your efficiency


And finally...


You've begun to get annoyed with yourself.  A lot.


THIS IS THE MOMENT WHEN YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG. This is the moment when you realize that you’re stuck in the “Burnout Cycle.”

I’d encourage you to take 3-4 minutes to pause and consider everything that you’ve just read. Walk away from your device, sit, pause and reflect. Then come back (If your intuition tells you to).


Something inside you has brought you to this site.


As a professional problem solver, you’re looking for a way to fix this. Because that’s what you do every day. You solve massive problems, but for some reason you can’t seem to solve this one.


So, what’s the answer?


I’d encourage you to consider that it might be time to STOP everything. Pause your life for just one weekend and,


Hit the reset button…


Visit the services page to explore the next step of your recovery.


Safety message on depression: If you suspect that you're currently in the depths of depression, the Burnout program is NOT for you. In this instance I would STRONGLY encourage you to get in touch with Beyond Blue. Reach out for help, it’s right here.



Let's get to know each other...


The best way to communicate my value to you, is to help you to understand that I WAS you. By communicating my story, I SERIOUSLY hope that you pause, right now. I hope you take SOME immediate action, regardless of what is it, because this CAN happen to you.


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