Let's get to know each other....

The best way to communicate my value to you, is to help you to understand that I WAS you. By communicating my story, I SERIOUSLY hope that you pause, right now. I hope you take SOME immediate action, regardless of what is it, because this CAN happen to you.

Having spent years in a constant state of high alert, my body finally succumbed to a severe bout of – often deadly – Influenza.

This followed 2 severe bouts of viral meningitis (Hospitalized, followed by 2 months of home recovery each time). On every occasion, I made a deal with my body. “Just get me to the end of the year, then we’ll take a long break (2 weeks).

Then when we finally crack it, we’ll take a proper break.”After years of broken promises, my body finally lost faith in my ability to act in its best interests. It decided that I was going to take a long break. Over 2 years in fact.


Truth be told, I was next to useless professional environment for the 12 months leading up to my  breakdown. I was completely toxic to myself and the people closest to me.  

Can you image the impact it would have on your life, if you were immediately - without warning – completely removed from your personal & professional life? I can.


It cost me my relationship & my business. Both of them meant everything to me. I had nothing left. No job. No identity. And no vision for the future.


My only plan was to survive. I just had to outlive this thing, then one day, somehow, I could begin to start again.

When I first commenced home rehabilitation, our “goal” was for me to manage a 15-minute visit without having to require an immediate sleep.


The fatigue was so great, that I had a number of live-in carers, because on some days, I simply couldn’t make it to the kitchen. Then on

others I could drive down the road. That’s the beautiful mystery of Chronic Fatigue. You can go out in public and be “normal” for a

couple of hours, then go home and find yourself bed-ridden for days on end as a consequence.

IoT Pitch

But nobody gets to see the home version.


I isolated myself from friends and family (At one stage for over 2 months, because I simply didn’t have the energy for a conversation). When we did finally speak, what could I offer? “I’ve been in bed doing nothing, and I can’t actually see a day when this might end. Over to you…”


This experience was completely intolerable for someone who had previously been hyper-active. CrossFit, Hiking (Including the Kokoda Track), Swimming, Adventure Sports (Tough Mudder). I was the person that people called when they needed to feel motivated. I didn’t know how to live with this new version of me.


I hated every single second of it. And I made sure that anybody close to me felt that hatred too.

Finding a way back…


Over the course of 6 years (from 2013 – my second bout of viral meningitis) until November 2019, I have spent (Some might say wasted) over $20,000 on various health modalities and educational programs. Then there were the REAL losses to consider, the ones incurred directly relevant to the time off.


When an illness like this hits you, every part of your life becomes a battle. Battles with insurance companies, battles with your body to stay upright when you first get out of bed, or walk across a room, battles to project manage your life, battles to try and communicate this chronic condition with a

health specialist who simply doesn’t have the capacity to “fix” you, so consequently checks out of the conversation early, or prescribes a drug that induces side effects equal or worse than the initial ailments.


Battles with “traditional” medical professionals who scoff at the idea of mindfulness providing any healing powers, and equally finding myself in a battle with “natural healers,” who scoffed at the idea of western medicine having any genuine capacity to heal.


The battles are frequent and all completely overwhelming.

CEO pitch

I’d have to find my own way back.


Then one day it happened. 


I put together ONE minute of exercise with ONE minute of meditation. I realised that the way back required my mind and body to function in partnership, with eloquent simplicity. 


I had to rebuild the broken trust that had once existed between my mind and body.


I had to learn to trust my instincts. I’d lost all faith in my capacity to decide what was best for me.


I started to run experiments. LOTS of them, constantly testing what worked and what didn’t.


I stopped logging my (hourly) activity sheets, which I had logged for over a year (which were assessed for progress reports). I stopped wearing my Fitbit, which had kept me in a constant state of anxiety, that I had either walked too far (and would surely pay the price the next day) or hadn’t walked far enough (in which case my body would continue to “decondition.”


You see, it’s true what they say, “Use it or lose it.”


What they don’t also tell you is that if you overuse it, then you’ll also lose it. Really lose it.



And now here we are…


Having reached out to insurance providers, doctors, hospitals, universities (I volunteered for 2 separate studies into Chronic Fatigue), and basically anyone that would listen, my message was simple.






Hence ReBuilding (from) Burnout was born.


This program will only run for a short period of time. Soon I’ll make a full return to health, and I’ll distance myself from being “The Burnout Guy.” I’ll go on to write the next chapter in my life, but for now, while the knowledge is fresh, and I’m incredibly passionate about helping others, for now I’ll work with VERY small groups of people to pass on my extensive learnings.


I strongly believe that my learnings can help you, saving you TENS-OF-THOUSANDS of dollars and precious time. 

One final note. It's an important one...

I believe that the strongest relationships are built on shared values. With this in mind, I'd like to share my values, so we can determine if we're aligned, and destined to create a powerful partnership. 

core Values


• Health (physical, emotional, financial)

• Fun (creating and embracing it)

• Integrity (never compromise my personal brand)

• Learning (first, seek to understand)

• Community (giving more than I take)


Vision Statement

Having time to enjoy the best in life with the people I love.


Mission Statement

Directing my energy towards tackling the world’s biggest problems

by challenging what is currently thought possible.


What is my MTP

(Massive Transformative Purpose)?

Collaborating ethically to solve global inequality.

1. Heart

• Living life fully connected to our hearts (and others’).

• Loving ourselves unconditionally (feeding our minds and bodies the nutrients that lead to a happy and healthy life).

• Treating ourselves and those around us with love and compassion.

• Understanding that humans are imperfect, then choosing to focus on the best aspects of people, so that we may bring out the best in ourselves and others.


The question for life and business:

Is this TRULY in the best interests of everyone involved?

When assessing this question, be guided by your heart.

2. Wealth


• Understanding that money is just a flow of energy. It is neither good nor bad.

• Money is simply a vessel that has the potential to facilitate positive changes in the world, if that’s what we choose.

• Creating enough money to live in a state of constant peace and happiness. Being able to care for ourselves and those closest to us.

• Making money decisions giving consideration to what is best for us and the people around us.


The question for business:

How can I have the greatest positive impact on the planet during the short time that I get to spend here?


The question for life:

How much money do I need to live in a state of constant peace & happiness?

1. Decide on a yearly figure.

2. Commit it to writing.

3. What is the weekly amount?


That is the PASSIVE income that I need to create.

3. Wisdom

• Having the wisdom to understand that heart or money alone does not bring happiness.

• TRUE happiness exists within. It is not determined by money.

• Once we master wisdom, we are no longer impacted by the thoughts and actions of others.

• We hold our space peacefully and powerfully.

• Our lives serve a higher purpose than our individual wants and needs.

• We spend every day giving careful consideration to the best place to point our attention.

• We are conscious of the impacts that EVERY conversation has on a life.


The question for life and business:

What is the MOST important thing that I can do in order to have the greatest positive global impact?