Do you REALLY know what Burnout might cost you?

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

1. Constantly having to be Superwoman (or Superman) - without the tights.

Life is not a dress rehearsal, so why not take your biggest and best shot? Every. Single. Day.

Simple, because humans are not built that way. We are not super-human. Many things other than Kryptonite cause us to break. Being Superwoman is exhausting and unsustainable.

“It will never happen to me.” Famous words, that I’ve heard uttered in every memorable keynote presentation, where “beating the odds” was a theme.

It’s one of the many character traits I love in entrepreneurs. The bigger the battle, the greater the rewards.

The human coping mechanism is really quite remarkable. In an effort to shield ourselves from the overwhelming adversity and constant risks that we face in life (especially in business); we adopt a bullet proof approach, maybe even ignorant. It’s hard to say. Still we continue to move forward, daring to attempt the impossible in spite of what might lay ahead of us.

2. Lack of sleep (less than 8 hours) is destroying your memory, by up to 40%

Did you know that we are the ONLY animal on the planet that VOLUNTARILY chooses not to sleep?

Our immune systems are still evolving to a point of being able to cope with the repercussions. And we’re still understanding the severe consequences that “pulling a few all-nighters” has on our mind and body (Save this TED talk for later. It will blow your mind).

3. Your “holiday” becomes a redistribution of time, rather than an actual break.

Does this sound like your average week at work?

· You arrive full of beans and ready to take on the world (Ok, let’s take Monday out of this equation).

· You blink and its lunch time. All you’ve manged to do is react to everyone’s else’s agenda.

· By 5pm, you’re even further behind than you were at lunch time.

· On the way home (much later that night), you vow to do better tomorrow, so you get up a bit earlier and stay a bit later.

This cycle continues on for weeks, which turns into months. You are now in the “Burnout Cycle.”

When your holiday finally comes around, you cram (even worse than a university exam) for the week leading up to your break. You then spend the time away answering calls or emails, then you cram for the week upon your return.

This is not a holiday. It’s not even a break. It’s a redistribution of time. It’s how we do business today. And it could cost you a LOT more than you could possibly imagine.

4. More technology = more free time & bliss, right?

As we’re all racing - literally - through this remarkable period in history - The 4th Industrial Revolution - so quickly, that the only time we really stop, is when we have to. Most often, due to sickness or injury.

Does your day start like this?

· Wake up. Grab your device.

· Become engrossed in bad news stories.

· Maybe engage in an online debate - before you’re out of bed.

· Open your first challenging email. Stress.

· Turn on the TV, to see more bad news or celebrity gossip.

· Jump in the shower, still conscious of the stressful emails and bad news.

· Shove some food down your throat.

· Hurry the rest of the house out the door.

· Rush to work, reading more emails, taking phone calls and stressing

· Arrive at work to commence putting out spot fires

What if you started your day with NO technology? What if you created a Magic Morning instead?”

Our brains and bodies need a system defrag. If we’re going to feel optimistic, to motivate ourselves, our staff and our customers, then we need to get away from technology, setting a conscious platform of success and happiness for our day.

Or, we are at severe risk of Burnout.

That’s when EVERYTHING stops. And whilst the build-up might appear slowly, the tipping point can take hold at an instant.

5. There’s the MASSIVE financial cost…

$342,000. That’s the average individual cost of a Burnout related claims in Australia, according to date obtained from Comcare & Safe Work Australia . And this is ONLY mental stress, so it doesn’t take into the account the physical symptoms such as Chronic Fatigue, which can last for years.

6. There's the struggle with insurance companies.

Do you have income protection? Did you know that a 30-day wait, means you actually wont receive money for 60 days?

At the end of 30 day's your "wait period" is offically over. You then "qualify" for payments, which arrive at the END of each month.

7. There’s the business costs…

So, ask yourself, what would happen to your business, if suddenly you were unable to work for months, or years (Especially if yours is the type of business where you cannot afford to be away for a single day)?

Would your business survive without you?

Could taking one week off now - to ReBuild yourself - have the ability to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars?

8. The personal cost is SO much more. How do I know?

Because I was exactly that person.

Having spent most of my adult life as a business owner or manager, I was accustomed to the 7-day working week.

Then I caught up in the chaotic world of startups, where every moment is about out-hustling, out-working your competitor.

As I didn’t have the capacity to manage a conversation, or to be out of the house for any period of time, the total cost of Burnout was:

· My business (Which I absolutely loved)

· My money (Which increased the existing fears about my future)

· My relationship (As I couldn’t cope with being so reliant on another person)

· Many friendships (Who wants to call someone that doesn’t have any energy to contribute to a conversation)

9. My message to you is VERY important, but simple:

· If you suspect that you’re suffering from Burnout.

· If you’re friends and family suspect you are suffering from Burnout.

It’s not too late to act, IF you act now. And that doesn’t have to mean buying one of my programs. But it does mean actually doing something today.

If you think I might be able to lend assistance, if I might be the catalyst for you to make some significant changes in your life, then please drop me a line.

More than anything, I know my experience has the capacity to be of incredible value to others.

In the meantime, I want to wish you the very best of health & happiness.

I very much look forward to working with you in the future…

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