rediscover you

ReBuild Coaching Program

This program is about rediscovering the very best version of yourself, then putting the correct structures in place to ensure that you maintain best practices in work and life.

​How is this possible?

  • By Rebuilding your work practices to do LESS but do what is MOST important.​

  • By choosing carefully before you lend your attention to anything.

  • By ensuring that the task you are completing, reflects the best version of you.

  • By always being conscious of where you can exert your most positive influence as a leader.

  • By transition yourself and your organisation, to be more mindful of the most valuable assets in life & business; time, money & energy.​

  • By leading the people within your organisation, to also be more conscious of how they spend each day.​


  • By remove the unnecessary meetings, emails, reports that are clogging up your organisation, and taking it away from its primary purpose of existence.

This coaching program is unlike ANY other in the world. You can easily prove this to yourself before signing up. 

What makes it different?


1. Created for your independence.

This program is not designed for a coach to become a dependent part of your life. It is designed for you to quickly re-discover the best version of you. This means rebuilding the broken trust between your mind & body, whilst learning a powerful new approach to life & business.


2. Easy opt out.  

The program runs for a maximum of six months. In that time, you can opt out whenever you feel like the time is right.Client wins are what is MOST important here, not keeping people locked into long-term agreements.


3. VERY high levels of accountability. 

This is very much a results driven program, with high levels of accountability. Together, we set very achievable desired outcomes, keeping your holistic health in mind. This means we don't sacrifice important relationships in order to succeed at work, and vice versa.


At the end of each month we’ll complete a recap (plus a mid-month check in). If you have not completed the action that you committed to for that month, then the program ends. Immediately.


This condition is in place for a few reasons:

1. It protects you and me. Positive outcomes are FAR more important to me than having loads of clients paying me money (without seeing real gains).


2. We both know that you’ve made progress each month (otherwise we stop), so you never have to second guess the value of your investment.


3. Humans prioritise behaviours connected loss BEFORE they action a behaviour connected to a potential benefit.

life & business change packages

A bold new approach to how you live & work

Maximum of 5 people per program

6-month program (Maximum)

Maximum of 5 people per program

$995 for the 1st month (Paid prior to commencement)

$595 for months 2 - 6 (Paid previous month)

Learn how to recognise the subtle signs of Burnout and how to manage your workload during these times

Learn the process of launching strategic experiments to minimise risk

Learn Change Management and Psychological Hacks success hacks

1.5-hour (pre-program) planning session

Monthly targets

Fortnightly phone or Skypestrategy sessions

Weekly check-in (Text & emails)

Understand what drives human behaviours

Learn the principals of Exponential Growth, to establish 10X returns on projects

Tap into a team of virtual assistants to leverage your income potential